2015 Australian Professional Birth Photographer of the Year -  Winning images and back stories

Selena's main aim with her work is to change the way that women view birth and reverse societal perceptions around it being a negative experience that should be feared by women. She is also working with Mums that have experienced traumatic births previously or end up having an experience that doesn't go the way they want it to. Her photos are bringing healing to many and helping parents process their birth experiences.

This image shows the caesarian birth of a rainbow baby named Logan. Mum lost his baby sister Lucy in 2012 when she arrived in the world too soon. Emotions were very high when Logan's Mum went into labour with this baby boy because all they wanted was for him to be born alive. In the end, a natural delivery could not be achieved so a caesarian section was performed. This image depicts baby Logan being lifted above the curtain to show his Mum who can be seen in the bottom of the image with Dad's hand on her head.



Women's bodies are amazing!!! Out of what is a very small opening, the body stretches and opens to allow the passage of a baby. Women don many different positions during birth and will generally find the one that is most comfortable for them to have their baby. This Mum was on the bed. The head of the bed had been raised and she was leaning on the top whilst being on her knees. From this position, gravity aids the Mum as she pushes the baby down the birth canal.



Baby Theodore was not expected to live very long due to a genetic condition diagnosed during the second trimester of pregnancy. His parents were told that he may not survive the birth and if he did, he may only have taken a breath or two. They asked me to be present to capture the day as an everlasting memory of their beautiful baby boy. It was a highly emotional day and his parents were amazingly strong throughout. Sadly baby Theodore passed away during the birth and did not live to breathe air with the rest of us. He was beautifully wrapped up and placed in the cot by his parents who then spent some very valuable time with him over the next few days prior to his burial. This family are now a special part of my life and I dedicate my award win to Baby Theodore, his family and his memory. RIP Theodore, may you fly with the angels and watch over all of us forever.



Dad's often don't get a chance to be hands on during the birth of their baby. This Dad was studying medicine and asked to be more involved in the birth of his daughter by delivering her himself. The doctor showed him what to do and where to put his hands. Then using his gloved hands, the doctor supported Dad as the baby's head slowly emerged. Dad loved being involved and couldn't have been prouder of himself for doing it.